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Gmail is clever

I was composing an email in the web interface of Gmail. I hit "send" and a message popped up saying "You used the word attached in your message. Did you want to attach a file?"


Home again

I got home tonight from the Global Atheist Convention. It was good. Very good. More about it tomorrow.


Switched to Chrome

So I've switched back to Chrome for my day-to-day web browsing.

I've tried it before, back when it was still an early Beta, and I didn't consider it stable enough for regular use. But I just reinstalled the latest version, and I have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised. I like it so much that I've returned to using the web interface for GMail rather than a client. After all, that's exactly the sort of thing that Chrome was designed to do. And it does it very well.

I've installed a number of useful extensions, but I don't want to go overboard. Extension bloat was one of the reasons Firefox was performing badly for me (alas, it does not appear that Chrome has a Read It Later extension yet - I am forced (oh noes!) to use a bookmarklet).

So far it handles all of the websites I visit regularly with aplomb. I haven't yet had any kind of a problem. I am impressed.



I quit my job today.

And then I un-quit.

And then I gave them verbal notice of my intention to give them written notice of my quitting.

Suffice to say that I had irreconcilable differences with their management philosophy.

That's all I'll say online.



So in our copious library somewhere we've got a book about the history of fashion. One of the chapters is entitled "And For the Men, Another Suit".

For years I've kind of tried to do interesting things with clothing that didn't involve suits - with... varying results. But I've now given up. This year, I embrace the suit. Let's face it - suits are natty, and look good, they're versatile, and there's actually some scope for variation. I've hated the trend in ties in the last couple of decades, but they're starting to look good again. The tie I wore to the party is very nice.

Currently I own one suit, which I refer to as my IFS ("Interview & Funeral Suit"). But I think I look quite decent in it.

I went to Mr Charles in Woden to get a shirt, because all my shirts are kinda worn, and not white. There were, as usual, some shirts for half price on the rack outside. I looked through them and chose two. I took them in and said "I want to buy these two shirts."

The nice elderly Italian gentleman replied, "You don't want to buy those shirts."

"Um, yes, I actually do."

"No you don't. They won't fit across the chest."

"But they have all the right numbers on them!"

"Go try them on."

So I went and tried them on. They didn't fit across the chest.

"Okay, so it turns out I actually don't want to buy these shirts."

"No, you want to buy this shirt."

Okay, so it was $30 more expensive. But it was exactly what I wanted, and fit perfectly. I often have problems with the arms being too short. But this particular shirt was exactly right. I bought one shirt, rather than two, but I also got that very nice red & black tie. While I was there, I asked whether anyone wore three-piece suits any more. The answer was "They're kinda coming back..." and to come back when I actually had some money to spend.

So my plan for this year is to get myself at least another suit or two.

I also bought myself a hat over the weekend. Well, I wasn't going to shave my head without getting something to protect it when I went outside. So I got myself a black trilby. Well, I like it anyway.


Photos of the party

Alas, most of my photos suffered from a bad case of red-eye. Here are the four best, including one with me in it.

PhotosCollapse )


I shaved my head for a party.

Each year, the AAF holds a Heroes and Villains party, and this year I went as Lex Luthor. I am indebted to yasutani for the help.

It still feels very strange. It took longer than I had expected. After a run with the clippers, we did four runs with shaving foam and a safety razor. Yes, I got nicked, and yes, I bled. The look on peoples' faces was so worth it.

There were a couple of reasons - other than that - why I wanted to do this. For a start, my scalp gets chronic dermatitis-like flakes and lumps, especially at the back. It needs some air, and a little sun. I'd also managed to trim my beard unevenly, and it was about time I got rid of it completely and started again.

So far the weirdest feeling has been the rain.

I bought a hat - a trilby. I like trilbies, and I needed somehing to protect my scalp from the sun.

No, I don't intend to maintain the bald pate. It's frankly too much work. It'll start growing back straight away. It was worth doing, and I think it's worth doing about once a year or so. And the party was a lot of fun too... although I'm still not sure how Alice in Wonderland fits with the theme of Heroes and Villains.

Yes, there are photos, which will appear soon.

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Canberra Skeptics In The Pub!

Announcing the very first Canberra Skeptics In The Pub.

4pm, Sunday 21st February, at King O'Malley's Irish Pub, 131 City Walk, Canberra Centre. Upstairs, in The Snug.

A gathering of like-minded skeptics, for the purpose of having a beer and talking about subjects of interest. Bring something to talk about. Bring a friend. Invite anyone you can think of. Search for it on Facebook. I'm hoping that this will become a regular event.


Delivery times?

I just had occasion to order goods from an online shop located in Hong Kong. On my order confirmation, it provided this bit of information:

Your order will be shipped by Air Mail.
It usually takes 7-20 days to US/Europe and 7-10 days to Asia countries.
Shipments to ITALY may take 20-30 days.

Is this a comment on the quality of Italian mail?



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